A Brief Retrospect On a Career in the Practice of Law

Scales of Justice

Scales of Justice

No one can chart the future with any degree of certitude, least of all freshly minted young law school graduates.

Do we know how future clients and their needs will impact the areas of practice to which we will be drawn?

Certainly not in my case.

As much as I may have been attracted to law school courses such as Constitutional Law or Labor Law, my “career,” i.e. the areas of our practice that paid for rent, utilities and staff salaries etc., was dictated by clients.

I first rented the second floor of a newly renovated old farmhouse at the corner of Rt. 130 and Andover Road, in Cinnaminson in 1965.

Since that time I’ve been very privileged to represent clients for their personal injury and workers’ compensation claims, for their marriage dissolution issues, personal bankruptcy, residential and commercial real estate transactions and preparation of estate planning documents and administration of decedents’ estates.

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Uri Taenzer