NJ Workers’ Compensation Benefits For COVID-19 Sufferers

Scales of Justice

Scales of Justice

Are you now, or were you ever, an Essential Front Line Employee who suffered from COVID-19 due to exposure while at work?

Are you a Long Hauler who has suffered from long-term symptoms after contracting COVID-19?

Or, do you know of other Essential Front Line Employees who contracted COVID-19 while so employed?

If you, or someone you know or are related to, have suffered long-term symptoms which have not abated or may have even increased you should know the following.

You should seriously consider engaging our law firm with Joshua Friedman, retired Workers Compensation Judge. If necessary our firm we will file suit to assert your claim for COVID-19-related workers’ compensation disability benefits in New Jersey.

Here are some examples of the many Essential Employees covered under the New Jersey worker’s compensation law:

  • Public safety workers or first responders, including fire, police, Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs), paramedics, etc.
    Those who provide medical and other healthcare services, social services, emergency transportation or other care services. This may include services provided in residential facilities, health care facilities or homes. They include doctors, physician assistants, podiatrists, dentists, chiropractors, clinical psychologists, optometrists, nurses, nurse practitioners, clinical social workers, etc.
  • Those who perform functions that involve physical proximity to members of the public and are essential to the public’s safety, welfare and health. Included are hotel workers, residential, transportation or financial services workers, as well as those workers engaged in the preparation, production, storage, sale or distribution of essential goods such as medicine and fuel, beverages and food as well as supplies to conduct essential business and work at home.
  • Anyone else who is deemed an essential employee by the public authority declaring the state of emergency.

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